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Rs 100 /-

Second Rank

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Third Rank

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"For being our community member, you must subscribe our email notifications and then you can easily receive notifications and participate in our free redeem code quiz game and win daily 3-4 redeem codes from 20rs to 5000rs and more."

This time we are organising free fire max Tournaments of total prize pool of 100Rs 💵 directly in Bank Account.

How to participate and who can participate?
  • Any free fire player can participate who have good knowledge about the game and controls.
  • The player who want to participate their level should be 30 or more than 30.
  • Only Indian server players are allowed to play this custom game.
  • Custom will be of solo mode / fun custom.
  • The 1st rank player will get 100rs in their bank account.
  • The custom will be organised daily and dont worry all custom invitation link with id and pass will be sent directly through email only to the registered users.
  • Note:- The 1st, 2nd & 3rd rank players, please dont leave the room after the game is over.
  • Note:- If we find any player using malpractices such as hacking/using mod apks or teamup. We will strictly remove such players.. So please play a valid game and enjoy!!