Why do 90% of new gamers fail on YouTube?

This article will tell you about the main causes of why 90% of new gamers fail on YouTube and how to tackle these causes and how to grow on youtube gaming.

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Why do 90% of new gamers fail on YouTube?

Why do 90% of new gamers fail on YouTube?

New content creators are rising on Youtube in gaming field. Seeing the craze of gaming new kids who have to focus on studies are wasting time on gaming and uploading their gameplay videos on youtube. The problem here is that the hype of EARNING MONEY AS A GAMER has been created nowadays. Everyone is focusing on money rathen than focusing on the content that is being uploaded.

Do I really want to be a GAMER?

Ask yourself that am I really want to be a GAMER or by just seeing others uploading their gameplay videos on youtube, my mind has been diverted. If, Yes is your answer then my dear stop wasting your time on gaming. Study hard, focus on yourself, focus on outdoor games, think about your family and work hard for them.

The Future of Gaming!

The future of gaming is crazy. Lots of new games & gamers have been evolved now. GTA 6 is trending now!!. See you have to very clear what is your future. If you see your future in gaming then let me tell you the competition in gaming is very high. You have to work very hard to improve your gameplay, upload high quality contents, Video research according to audience demands and creating high quality attractive thumbnail. Doing this in a regularly for about 2 months can you a fantastic results on your channel. We will discuss about growing on youtube as a gamer in next article.

This is where most of the GAMER gets failed!

Even if you worked hard on your channel and didn't see any results then don't be sad. At this point most of the gamers think they cant grow on youtube. See most of the successful gamers took around 2-3 years to completely grow on youtube. And you are crying just by working one month only. If you feel this, then sorry you are not made to be a GAMER.You didn't compete with the new gamers on Youtube. You have to work hard on your channel to stay ahead from 90% of gamers on Youtube. We will discuss how to grow gaming channel in 2024 in next article.