[Watch] Only 1% Indian Gamers have completed this game

This article will tell you about the game and its mode which has been completed by only 1% Indian gamers.

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[Watch] Only 1% Indian Gamers have completed this game

Granny- The horror game and its Extreme mode compelted by only 1% Indian Gamers

There are lots of horror games you can find in the play store or app store. But this game Granny has been played by most of the youtubers and Gamers but they have only played normal or easy mode only which is quite easy to complete. But the challenging part comes in the hard mode and even more deadly is the EXTREME MODE!!

Which Indian Gamer Youtuber has completed granny extreme mode?

See, there could be many small gamers who have completed granny extreme mode. And its obvious that we can't cover all those youtuber gamers. So here we are covering Dev Vivekss who is a gaming video creator on Youtube. Recently Dev Vivekss published a video on granny extreme mode completed by car escape with teddy. Its a 20 minutes long entertaining video. Dev Vivekss believes that voiceover on horror games could ruin the feel. So the gameplay should be real without any other sound effects and meme videos.

[TIPS] How Dev Vivekss Cleared Granny Chapter 1 extreme mode?

Dev Vivekk said that you need to start with very basic. If you directly jump to extreme mode or even easy mode chances are high that you will end up deleting the game in just 1 hour because you cant clear it. So start with the practice mode. Get familiar with the house and granny. And after 1 week of practice you are good to go with normal mode. And later switch to hard mode. This is how you can clear granny extreme mode.

Where to watch Dev Vivekss granny extreme mode gameplay?

You can watch on his official Youtube channel @Dev-Vivekss. Here he uploads granny gameplay videos after extreme mode Dev Vivekss will play other cool games with voiceover. So hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon. The video link for granny extreme mode car escape video is available below just click and watch.

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