How to clear granny chapter 1 Hard Mode in 40 mints gameplay

This blog is all about on how to clear granny chapter 1 hard mode in 40 mints. This game is played by Dev Vivekks and uploaded on Youtube.

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How to clear granny chapter 1 Hard Mode in 40 mints gameplay

What is granny chapter 1 horror game?

Granny chapter 1 is a horror game where you are locked in a house. Inside there is a granny, a spider & you and you have 5 days to escape from the house. Granny hears every noise you make and she runs very fast in hard mode. She will beat you if you are caught. There are multiple ways to escape and they are all locked. You need to find the keys unlock them and escape.

[First Step]: On how to clear granny game easily?

First you need to have a basic knowlede of this granny chapter one game, start with playing practice mode.In practice mode granny is not there in the house. You can easily roam all around the house and find the places of where keys are kept and where to hide. After you have completed practice mode now jump to easy mode. In this mode granny walks very slow. You can easily escape from granny. Once you have figured about all the keys and items in the house it becomes easy to play and gives you a confidence.

[Second Step]: Prepare your mind!

This step is all about preparing your mind towards granny. You need to have a clear understanding that this is just a game. Though she is very dangerous. You have to remove the fear of her from your brain..

[Final Step]: Lets jump to the hard mode!

This is the mode in which granny walks very fast and the most dangerous mode is extreme mode. Lets talk about overcoming the hard mode in granny chapter one. The plus point in this mode is that even if she walks very fast, she can't overtake you and beat. All you have to keep in mind where to hide and try to walk in such a way that your foot steps make less noise. One more thing you wont get granny picture to complete. You get only 5 days to escape the house. Once you are prepare with your mind, where to hide, where are the keys, cleared game in practice mode then what are you waiitng for. You are already all set to rock the game. Go and escape from granny's house in hard mode!

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