Payal gaming | Why payal gaming is popular?

This article will tell you about who is payal gaming, about payal gaming youtube channel, and why she is a popular girl gaming creator.

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Payal gaming | Why payal gaming is popular?

Who is payal gaming and why she is so popular?

Payal gaming is a female youtuber who do gaming live streams, uploads her gameplay videos, she is an esport player of team s8ulesports. Payal gaming is from Chattisgarh and has over 3.4 million subscribers on youtube as of now. Also payal gaming has a huge fan base on instagram with over 3 million followers. Seeing her youtube graph, her channel is getting lots of views. And the question arises that why she is popular? It could be because she is a girl, she has connections & support from other big bgmi creators. And the most important thing is that she is preety! These could be the possible reasons that why she is popular.

Is payal gaming gameplay noob?

If you are her subscriber then you must be knowing about her gameplay. See there are lots of underrated youtuber either girl or boy and no one talks about their gameplay. Most of the pro bgmi gamers or any gamer with excellent gameplay are lacking behind because of the cheap mentality being developed in the youtube's audience to support cute girl gamers irrespective of their gameplay.

What type of videos payal gaming upload?

Seeing payal gaming's current videos as of now, she uploads videos of all mix content such as family/friend blogs, date blogs with spicy thumbnail, shoping blogs on festive too and ya she uploads her bgmi gameplay videso too. Payal gaming is a good youtuber who knows her audience very well. Payal gaming knows which video and what kind of video will get her views.

What game payal gaming plays?

As of now she plays only BGMI and do bgmi live streams. Exploring her channel you will find that she gets more views in blogging content rather that her gameplay videos. Payal gaming channel content is mostly filled with blogging contents and spicy contents such as about dating, boyfriend, omegle etc.

What is payal gaming BGMI Id and how to play a bgmi game with her ?

According to sources payal gaming bgmi id is 5120321397. If you are thinking how can i play a game with her than you need to understand that she is big youtuber and if you don't have such following then you can't play a game with her. Payal gaming game's friend list must be full. You can try your luck when she goes live or she provides teamcodes or try to join her custom game. There is a huge competition in joining in customs you have to be fast enough.